Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation

For Wide Range of Services

Inspection and Source Detection

This concept is usually done in two steps;

  – Pipeline Cleaning, Over pumping & Flow Control
  – CCTV Inspection & Survey

The first issues to be resolved when evaluating pipeline repair are determining what sort of leaks there are – either into our out of the pipe – and where they are in the system. It is only after these matters are clear that the pipe owner can properly evaluate what sort of repair project is required and what costs will be involved.

ADPS can clarify these issues, usually in two ways. The first is a physical on-site inspection which will reveal whether water flowing into a pipe is caused by a damaged or illegal connection. Once the obvious sources have been identified, our engineers will normally carry out a closed-circuit television inspection of the pipe interior which will reveal any leak points underground.

The CCTV inspection involves sending a small remote-controlled trolley, equipped with a camera and bright lights, through the pipe network. A skilled operator can map the network to provide the client with a clear picture of the location and scale of the problem. Our involvement in the initial investigation will enable us to make a greater contribution to the rest of the project.