Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation

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Pipe Bursting

The system requires the absolute minimum of excavation and reinstatement, apart from small excavations at either end of the length being replaced.

The bursting machine is normally set up at the downstream end of the line, and the rods are pushed through the host pipe to the other end of the section to be replaced. New polyethylene pipe is cut to the required length and then drawn in behind the bursting head as it is pulled back towards the bursting machine.

Service connections are excavated, and the laterals disconnected, prior to starting the bursting process. This prevents the laterals being damaged by the vibrations which are part of the bursting process.
The length of the entry pit for the new PE pipe is an important issue to get right. It must be long enough to allow the PE pipe to enter the host pipe without excessive bending, otherwise the pipe could be damaged and the burst length reduced.